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What Is Atarah?

Atarah means crown in Hebrew. The Atarah is a part of the Hebrew Tallit or known to Christians as the Prayer Shawl. The significance of the Atarah on the Tallit is that it is a reminder that we are blessed by God.

According to the Rabbis, the reason the Atarah was put on the Tallit is to beautify the head. The Tallit is worn as a covering on the head and the head is known in the Hebrew culture as the most "esteemed" part of the body. Many Rabbi's both current and past see the Atarah as an option you can use to beautify the Tallit with it on the collar or not.

The Conviction

It all started in Hempstead, NY in 2015. I was in a Tuesday night service with a well known televangelist who later on became my mentor for a short while. In big prayer gatherings like this most Christians bring their Prayer Shawls with them and wear them during service. During the service I noticed a woman laid out on the floor and her prayer shawl was being trampled over by the other people. I was so grieved that a Holy garment such as the Tallit could be treated like this. I thought to myself "this is why you don't bring your Prayer shawl out of the house."

This very thought is what convicted me and positioned me to receive the vision.

The Vision

Shortly after my Tuesday night conviction I was on a 5am prayer call with Prophetess Norma Hodge. While she was praying the Lord took me up in a vision and He began to show me the Tallit and then He separated the Atarah from the garment and placed it on my head. I remember feeling such peace and seeing such a presence of His glory in this vision it was very overwhelming. By the time I had come out of the vision, 5am prayer was over and I knew I had work to do, to build and birth Atarah so that Christians didn't have to take the Prayer Shawl out of the house anymore they could use the headdress!

It has been 5yrs in the making and now Atarah is ready to be launched.

Why Now?

God has birthed this headdress Atarah into the earth for such a time as this because He is desiring to beautify His bride and lose His blessing upon the earth. He desires to load you up daily with His benefits (Ps 68:19) of the blessing of the Lord that makes rich and adds no sorrow (Pr 10:22) and He wants to give you beauty for ashes (Is 61:3) and He desires to crown you with His glory, and make you a royal diadem in HIs hand (Is 62:3).

What Is The Hebrew Writing? 

On the Atarah is Numbers 6:24-27 KJV "The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. So they will put my name on the Israelites, and I will bless them."

What is The Scroll On The Right Side?

One, the right side is symbolic to God's power and authority so that is why He had me put the 10 commandments on the right side. Atarah is more than just a headdress It is a Holy piece, an artifact for your collection that points all believers and Jewish people back to the foundation of who we are and how far we have come by His grace and His glory. God gave to us the 10 commandments through His Oracle Moses on Mt. Sinai so that we could have simple instruction on what to repent for to receive the fullness of the covenant blessings of God that are promised to us.

We are living in a time where REPENTANCE IS A MANDATE, but most people don't know what to repent for. The Atarah is a reminder that repentance to God from foundational principles is the key that OPENS the heavens to God's outpour of love and blessings upon His children and Israel.

There is so much more to teach and share on Atarah so be on the watch for some exciting, draw dropping, hot of the throne room floor revelation.....

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Right Side Of Atarah  

10 Commandments 


Da​niella Ameho 

The Founder & Visionary Of Atarah

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